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Hey there! Thanks so much for submitting to the Engagement Session Giveaway! We just wanted to personally congratulate you on your engagement! 

Scroll down below to follow the next steps for you to be chosen as a winner for this amazing opportunity!

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Next Steps

what happens next?

There are 3 steps in order for you to be considered as a winner for the giveaway!



In order to win the giveaway, you must follow us on IG and FB!

To get one extra entry to our giveaway, join our VIP Maryland Brides Facebook Group.



Building a relationship is very Important to us, schedule a zoom call with the button below to chat with us so we can make sure were a good fit!



I will be sending you emails with premium wedding photography and videography  content to help you out and make your planning process so much easier! Be on the lookout for the Emails!


E-Session Experience FAQ

Is This A Scam?

I get asked this question quite a bit lol. No!

This is not a scam, this is a sponsored ad for me to give you the opportunity to have an amazing engagement session experience with me! Also for me, its to make new connections with couples, as well as continue to do my favorite thing, take pictures of couples! Other forms of photography are nice, but I’m such a social person that this form of photography is my favorite!

What do you do with our information?

All of your information is used in the process for helping me decide who the winners of the giveaway will be. Phone numbers / emails / ect are used for contacting purposes, and the rest of the questions are to help me see if well be a good fit!

Do we have to pay for anything?

Absolutely not! This is in fact a giveaway. The only things you’ll have to pay for are going to be your own travel fees, and if we go out for dinner & drinks after!

How do we win?

Its quite simple actually. Follow the steps above, 1. Follow us on IG, 2. Schedule a Zoom call with me to meet and see if we vibe, and 3. after the zoom call chatting with me through text, I will make final decisions and let you know if you won through message / email.

Will you tell us how to pose?

Yes! I will teach you my very basic and simple posing system, that allows you guys to feel and look comfortable anywhere we are, while giving you prompts to evoke real emotions and interactions between the two of you.

How many images will we get?

We usually will deliver anywhere between 50-250 final edited images dependent on how long the session actually runs.